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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  March 2, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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only on nine, parents are irate after a school practice sent 20 kids to the hospital. >> i love and miss her as the rest of us would. >> a mother's emotional reaction after her daughter is killed in an accident with public works truck. we're on the scene as two different fires break out at the same building at nearly the same time. . two victims, two fires, one building. >> right now a little boy and a woman in the hospital after flames broke out inside a d.c. apartment. we just spoke to the firefighters, he is live with the latest on this. >> reporter: derek and aneat ashgs the 4-year-old boy was unconscious when firefighters pulled him from the first floor apartment suffering from an apparent smoke inhalation.
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fire and ems workers were able to resuscitate the boy. he was breathing when he was transported to the hospital in critical condition. there were four other children in the apartment, between the ages 1 and 5, they got out okay. a woman in her late 20s, early 30s was also taken to the hospital suffering from serious burns on her hands as well as smoke inhalation. firefighters believe she may have been burned rescuing the other four children. after the building was evacuated, someone on the second floor left food on the stove, creating a secondary fire that was put out immediately. the fire is believed to have started in a bedroom. again, a 4-year-old boy is in critical condition after being rescued as resuscitated by dc firefighters. we're live in northeast washington. >> thanks, andrea. we're talking about a woman who put herself through buoy state and worked at a credit
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union. >> went to work caring for an elderly man who needed help. she is described as the start of her extended family, a family that came together tonight trying to deal with her death in a bizarre traffic accident in the third street tunnel yesterday morning. >> reporter: a lot of people in that family, a lot of grief. >> my daughter, she was very -- she love her family. she like to, you know, hug the family. and was for the family. >> reporter: she remembers what her daughter did as a little girl. >> she liked to play with dolls. she liked to, she liked to go to the park and play. >> reporter: she remembers what her daughter wanted to do. >> now, look what happened to her. you know. >> reporter: haja wilson was
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killed early tuesday morning when she drove into a dpw truck parked in the third street tunnel. >> if somebody that you love so passionately, somebody that you look at as one of star within the family and her life is cut short, a freak accident, my sister can't talk right now because she's lost from words. she is like in a nightmare. >> reporter: a degree, two jobs, but always pulled home. >> she's that type of person that is family oriented. the kind that want to just, you know, i am you, you are me, and let's have fun. that's the kind of fun child she was. >> reporter: her cousin. >> if life was a test, i feel she had an a plus plus. >> reporter: the police investigation of the accident is not yet complete. >> thank you. now, a change of mood here.
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you might want to take a look at bottom of your screen because if you see your name or that of a friend, that means someone has some money or some valuables coming their way. go to, click on the claim your cash button, and then coming up at 11:12, we'll read the names of other people that can claim serious dough. new at 11, ten former and current members of a sorority faces hazing charges. it happened at different homes in prince george's county. the victims say the members of zeta phi beta was hit with paddles while wanting to get into sorority. several sororities are being investigated for several years, including hazing. mclean high school students
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almost met with tragedy. somebody is wondering whether the rowers should have been out there in the first place. we have more. >> reporter: the good news tonight is that the rowers, they are doing okay. they were taken to d.c.'s children hospital earlier today after two of their crew boats capsized. they were treated for their exposure for these cold winds and the frigid temperatures of the waters here in the potomac. size of relief tonight, but earlier, it was a different story. >> he needed my help right away. >> reporter: he is the head coach who went to the rescue of the varsity rowers. even he said the varsity coach should have thought twice about taking these boys out in these conditions. >> this coach has been coaching for a while and should have known better. >> it seemed a bit choppy and then everything, once we got down past the 14th street bridge. we took off water from the
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waves, windy, and we ended up sinking. >> reporter: mikey is one of the rowers who had to be rescued. he's happy to be out of the hospital and heading home after a scary ordeal in the frigid water. >> we were thinking stay moving, try not to freeze. >> hey, sweetie, we heard a couple of the boats may have capsized. >> reporter: we were there earlier in the rower's father showed up to the news his son's boat had sunk. other rowers described how challenging it is to row in choppy conditions. >> with wind and waves down by the airport it's tough to row. >> reporter: that has many asking were they were out on the waters to begin with. despite the call made by the coach, mikey is just glad he and his teammates were pulled to safety quickly. >> we could have had hypothermia in minutes, you never know what could happen. >> reporter: the head coach, bobby meeks, tells me that his varsity coach took the team out
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because when they left the water was smooth. it's not until they got past the bridge that there was a change in wind creating that dangerous chop. . an update now on the search for a missing pregnant woman. the loudoun county sheriff's office wants to talk to bethany decker's husband a second time. they've spoken to emile decker via the telephone but they'd like to follow up in an electronic face to face interview. decker is stationed in afghanistan. bethany's family says she was last seen days before he was deployed but nobody realized anything was wrong until february 19th when her grandparents dropped by her apartment and could find hide nor hair of her. tomorrow a supreme court ruling has free speech advocates trying to applaud and hold their noses at the same time.
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they defend the offensive messages of the church. when westboro came to maryland to picket at the funeral of a marine killed in iraq that marine's father sued and won. but the court says you can't sue; it's free speech. >> we found out today that we can no longer bury our dead in this country with dignity. what is this you country becoming? >> and westboro baptist says thanks to today's rule they plan to be more picketing at military funerals. a bit of the wild west on your morning bus route. we've learned that some of the metro bus drivers are secretly packing heat. they see a jump in the number of threats and all out attacks directed their way and they feel they need to carry a gun. they need to protect themselves. here's the labor union. >> we have males pointing guns
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at people at the bus. we have assaults where people are throwing colorax and substances while they're sitting. >> there. in the past year, there have been many threats and assaults. those are the incidents that got reported. most of them go unreported. clean up on aisle 5 and it's your cart that needs a bleach moment. half tested positive for e. coli bacteria. seven out of ten tested for faecal matter. shopping carts are nastier than pub hick toilets because they get an occasional cleaning. see the sani wipes at the store in use them. we see temperatures falling but we had 64 for a high today.
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20s and 30s at 5:00 tomorrow. 28 to 36 tomorrow with sunshine. tomorrow feeling like winter and how long that will hang around when we come back. . still ahead tonight, when you get rid of that old computer there's a hidden risk. >> you see, even when you think you've deleted everything private, changeses are you probably haven't. so we bought four donated computers and guess what we found? >> tax returns, somebody's security clearance, family photographs. >> we'll show you how to avoid donating your identity, coming up.
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. evidently all you out there trying to claim your cash have area treasury departments working on overdrive and they're screaming to us make it stop! their offices have been flooded since we first began reporting on the unclaimed money and valuables that they're holding on to. but there are still billions of dollars out there just for the taking, and here's some more local folks who could have riches waiting for them. we begin in virginia, sherman acker of alexandria, alex colin of aondale, and lawrence shaver of centerville. in maryland, the following names, donald mitchell in college park, stephanie rhodes
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is in kensington, latrisha doebin of northwest. get to our website,, and you can see how to file a claim with your local treasury. just look under our consumer tab. you didn't hear us read your name, check out the links you have there. your name could be on our website. and tomorrow morning beginning at 4:30 a.m., andrea and mike will be reading out more names of folks who could be claiming some serious cash. how many of you have donated used computers to charity? most of us never think twice about doing it but you'll be surprised to learn what we found when we purchased a few computers from a thrift store. here are the startling results. >> see what happens now. >> reporter: we brought our computers here. >> people take time and effort to shred the credit card applications they get at home but they don't take time and effort when they get rid of their pcs. >> reporter: there was a
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treasury trove of personal information, names, addresses, medical records, and the security clearance application of a high level defense contractor were found on three of the four computers. >> i was surprised to find all three it was so easy. >> we knew you had kids. >> reporter: it didn't take long for us to track down this computer's owner and show him what we found. this resume looks familiar? >> wow. >> a copy of your will. >> wow. >> directions to your home. >> i'm astonished, flabbergasted. i actually shocked. we've had that computer in our basement for four years and we did not -- we thought everything was clear and it was taking up space downstairs and we needed the room for our children. >> reporter: on this dell computer we accessed information, even when it called
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for a pass word. >> when we got to the log-in screen it required a user name and pass word, windows 98, just his escape, and you're straight in and full access to the system. >> reporter: one computer had the hard drive removed, the other three had personal information, bank accounts, stock portfolio, ironically one had a file called home security but that was empty. >> great stuff, andrea. all the computers were returned to their previous owners along with the records we printed out in this experience. computer experts say the safest way to donate your computer like this one is to take out the hard drive right here completely before you donate that computer. that way you're safe. tomorrow morning at 6:15, rippard will be here in the studio to show us our options to destroy our erase your hard
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drive before donating a computer. we'll be posting a video of his demonstration on our website, to borrow from broke back mountain, if we dare, we can't quit you, charlie sheen. more than 1 million people are following his twitter account. he opened it yesterday. he's gathering a thousand new followers every few minutes and one of them is ditty. he asked for sheen's address, and she replayed get dressed my man, sending the driver. i like that, sending a driver. today astronauts on space shuttle discovery took their final space walk outside the international space station. steve bowen and alvin drew vented ammonia out of at pump. they installed camera, lights, took out insulgssulation.
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we're looking at colder air tonight. but it's march. it just doesn't last long. it's a battle between winter and spring in march and winter will win tomorrow and lose by the end of the week. look at temperatures after a high, again, of 64, we're down to 40 downtown. mainly in the 30s in the suburbs. which is pretty cold stuff here. 39 in fairfax, 38 in reston, 38 in great falls. 33 in lleytonsville. even 39 over at andrews. cold air. going to be much colder, like winter again, on thursday. but it just won't stay coal. going to be chilly on friday so temps will go up a little bit. milder over the weekend. knew, with that milder air we will -- now, with that milder air we have to make a trade, showers and rain will make their way in, unsettled over the weekend. overnight, clear skies, breezy
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and colder. lows 24 to 32 downtown. winds out of the north at 10 to 15. temperatures in the mid-20s after highs in the 60s. sunny with a cold start. 20s and 30s, not much wind, winds northeasterly at 10 in the morning and afternoon, sunny skies continue, colder, like winter again, highs around 40. winds easterly at 10. highs around 40, 10, 11, 12 degrees below average for this time of year. high the on thursday, 40 in gaithersburg. college park should make 40. maybe 41 in andrews. waldorf one of the warmer spots at 42. to the west, 40 in fairfax and reston. sterling and maniassas you might not make 40 degrees. not much wind. we'll break it down for you. 24 to 32 by 7:00. so the high schoolers need to be
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bundled up big time. by noon, taking a walk for lunch, only 39. 40 as we get into the evening hours. next three days, temperatures had be going up. mid-40s on friday, but with that a couple of showers possible. upper 50s on saturday. but with that, a couple of showers by evening. the first half of saturday should be dry. next seven days, there's the rain out right there. saturday, rain, showers and thunderstorms. some of the rain could be hefty. we'll keep an eye on sunday for you. temperatures in the mid-50s. look at this, behind it not much cooler. 53 on monday and then boom back in the low 60s on tuesday. back in the mid-60s next wednesday. maybe a shower late in the day, that's not bad. >> that's where we look it. >> thank you, sir. so, now, there's this labor dispute going on between some guys who have a whole lot of money and guys who have more money than the other guys. >> which is why we can't sympathise with this thing, when you have billionaires fighting with millionaires how do you
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feel sorry for each of the sides. because there's no football schedule being played for six months. football is running out of time. 24 hours a go. is a lockout now a foregone conclusion? latest from the negotiations and the terps tournament hopes circling the drain. and how the calfs won the lottery for one of their fans.
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. the thing that solves labor disputes is urgency. that is to say, if you ran a shamrock factory and tomorrow was st. patrick's day you would find a way to keep your workers on the job. but a football dispute with march with no games until september lacks that urgency and it's not getting done and that is why despite a ninth day of negotiations today it seems inevitable that 24 hours and 36 minutes from now, we will have an nfl lockout. star players like drew brees joined the talks today with all 32 owners huddling at a hotel,
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the net result, no progress. >> by far, obviously we haven't been successful, but we're optimistic in time we will. >> no decisions made, no action was taken, and we'll continue to, to go through the mediation process. >> the two sides have one more negotiations session for tomorrow. they could vote to extend the deadline, if not, then the players would be locked out of their respective parks tomorrow night. maryland hoops have two games left in the season and they needed to win them both to have a shot at the tournament. tonight was the first one and the next one is less relevant. trying to salvage the post-season hope. sea to shining sea, two of his 20 points but the terps down eight there and they never got closer than five. this is brown for the canes, six of seven from three, and he comes off the bench for them.
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terps fall 80-66. now 7-8 in the acc. huggins trying to bolster their resume taking on uconn. and thanks to relentless glass work by jones, the mounties pull the upset, 55-56. they are 10-7 in the big east. and derek, your american university eagles opening the league tonight. how about moltivianu with 31 tonight. second seated au advances. they play lafiyette. in the next round. this o'connell guard trimable with the bucket. gonzaga winning that game. see more highlights at d.c. high
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school skip saunders left the team today to tend to his ailing moment. wizards hosting golden state and remember how seth curry tore ever georgetown in the tournament last year? he did that tonight, 29 for the former star. john wal going to take the shot to tie the game and it's not good. 106-102, wizards have dropped 16 of 18. baseball highlights from grapefruit game, bernodino, nats perfect 3-0 this spring so far. they beat the fish 8-4. finally tonight, jimmy smith of alexandria can thank the capitals for winning $100,000 in the virginia cash five lottery. you see, smith used the uniform
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numbers of the team's five biggest stars. and he hit the jackpot, 100 grand he won yesterday. he said he fell on the floor when he found out he won. he said he would use the hundred grand to pay off his bills. i hope he doesn't have a hundred grand worth of bills. >> i was hoping he might buy them some offense. [ laughter ]. >> sadly, that cost more than 100 grand in the nhl. but it's a start. >> we'll be right back.
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. yes, recap of the seven-day. >> thank you. 40s tomorrow, grab a winter court, mid-40s on friday. milder air over the weekend for showers on saturday, flat out rain, showers, and thunderstorms on sunday. no running or biking on sunday. >> perfect weather for growing a shamrock. >> do they grow or make them in factories? >> that is 9news now for tonight. >> bye.
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